Certificates Expire


Please be aware that the NSW Government is making changes to the format of RSA and RCG accreditation. These changes will come into effect on 22 August 2011.

This is the new proccess -

Student attends training

RTO enters student details into the Government Licencing System

Student is issued with an “Interim Statement”. The student can start work on this Interim Statement but will expire after 90 days.

During the 90 day period the student will have to attend a Services NSW outlet with 100 points of ID and have a photograph taken. Students have to go to a Service NSW Centre that can proccess the compentency card. To find you nearest Service NSW Centre click here

The student should receive the photo ID card in the mail within 2-3 weeks.

If the student has completed both RSA and RCG the accreditation will be on the one card.

Should the student lose the card they have to contact NSW Liquor and Gaming to get a replacement. The cost is $40 and the form is available from the Liquor and Gaming website.

All RSA and RCG training will expire every 5 years and a new accreditation will be required.

At the end of your cards 5 year expiry date you have to complete your RSA and RCG refresher through NSW Liquor and Gaming. They will contact you directly informing you on the renewal process. If your RSA/RCG card has expired you will need to resit the full course to be re-accredited.

Want more details click here to go to NSW the NSW Liquor & Gaming website